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In the realm of spiritual searchers: the ethical impact of Buddhist practices on Christian practitioners

On the spiritual search One of the burning questions that led me to study theology was, what is the source or ground of ethics? Now, Jesus was, among other things, an unparalleled teacher of ethics, but what happens to those Christians whose search moves beyond the original naivete that tells them that ethics is simply […]

Morality emergent or morality commanded: biology and theology in the thinking of Rolston and Hefner

The goal of this paper is to consider the ground of ethics in light of contemporary biological science and the implications of that science for how theology might frame the emergence of ethical humanity. Can ethics be conceived as entirely biologically based? Or does any ethics require a metaphysical basis? Do new understandings of the […]

Wrestling with ultimacy: review of “A neuropsychological-semiotic model of religious experiences

This paper is a synopsis and review of Wesley J. Wildman and Leslie A. Brothers’ essay,  “A Neuropsychological-Semiotic Model of Religious Experiences,” a richly conceived attempt to provide a methodology that can account for what the authors term experiences of ultimacy. The essay appears in the forthcoming book Neuroscience and the Person: Scientific Perspectives on […]

A Pseudo-Faith Suited for Our Age

Reader, I offer a pseudo-religion for our time. Its tenets are pretty simple. It’s called a pseudo-religion because you don’t have to actually believe it’s true in order to profess it. You can follow it if you are a dedicated atheist, or alongside a religion which you truly believe. As a follower, you just do […]

The Timeless Harmony of Nature (Quotation from Clement)

It is dispiriting to hear of fires raging in California, the Great Barrier Reef dying, hurricanes growing in scale and ferocity, coastal flooding, whales moving north, aquifers drying, seasons shifting. In our age of climate change, species loss and competition for scarce resources, we have to up our game and take on the fact that […]

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