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A “vintage” academic collection, c. 2000

Eastern meditation and western psychology: perspectives from ethics and the science-religion debate

In this paper, I will consider the status of meditation-in-psychology in a larger context, and consider the thought which underlies Eastern meditative practices in the light of ongoing dialogues between science, ethics, and religions and other sorts of metaphysics. My reflections here are fragmentary at best; and I can only hope to catch a sliver […]

Dissolving the boundaries of oppression: oppressed, oppressors, and the challenge of solidarity

The purpose of this paper is to examine how the overturning of oppression would actually work, in concrete terms. Already in that first sentence, we have opened up a number of tricky avenues to navigate. In selecting “oppression” as a theological term, we shall have to relate the meaning of the word to  other concepts […]

Wrestling with ultimacy: review of “A neuropsychological-semiotic model of religious experiences

This paper is a synopsis and review of Wesley J. Wildman and Leslie A. Brothers’ essay,  “A Neuropsychological-Semiotic Model of Religious Experiences,” a richly conceived attempt to provide a methodology that can account for what the authors term experiences of ultimacy. The essay appears in the forthcoming book Neuroscience and the Person: Scientific Perspectives on […]

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